Edolyn’s Pies – A Guest Post From Besties Do Bham

Hey there Magic City Bloggers! Nadine and Laura here from Besties Do Bham to introduce you to Edolyn’s Pies…our newest local obsession!

We love nothing more than supporting a local business in the area. When we had the opportunity to attend a tasting and focus group for Edolyn’s Pies, we jumped right on that! The tasting was held at Seed’s Coffee in Homewood. We got to sample the lemon, sweet potato and pecan pies as the owner, Angelyn, told us the story about where it all began. We love nothing more than a good story of a recipe that has been passed down and shared over generations. Upon first bite, we knew there was something special to these handmade pies! They are absolutely delicious!!! We will let the pictures speak for themselves…




We appreciate recognizing all the ingredients on the back of the box! This is how you know they are handmade with love!

Edolyn’s Pies would be the great dish to take to your next party, tailgate, dinner, etc. They would work great at your next office function as well! The packaging is gorgeous and would make great presents for everyone you know. And we highly encourage grabbing a few to enjoy for yourself! You might be wondering where you can find them. Currently you can place orders online from Edolyn’s website. You can also find them at the Woodlawn Street Market and West Homewood Market, as well as through Birmingham Box.

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