Hot Diggity Dog

Hey guys! Laura and Nadine here from Besties do Bham . We want to share our love for Avondale’s newest spot to grab a bite, Hot Diggity Dog.

Hot diggity Dog

Sometimes you just want a hot dog, and now Avondale can cater to your craving! Hot Diggity Dogs is located in Avondale on 5th Ave South above Fancy’s on 5th and is the inspiration of former Bottletree Café chef Tom Bagby. Customers enter from a stairwell that opens onto Fifth Avenue South. A fair warning, the space is pretty tight. It is mostly limited countertop seating and when it gets crowded it is nearly standing room only. That won’t stop us from grabbing some delicious dogs to take over to Avondale Park or Brewery though if we cant eat there!

If it can fit in a hot dog bun, chances are it is on their menu. They really have come up with some really inventive hot dog combinations! Upon our first visit, we ordered the Birmingham Dog and Oh Canada!


The Birmingham Dog keeps it simple and class with mustard, onion, kraut, sauce.


The Oh Canada! fancies it up with fries, cheese, gravy, onion.

The hot dogs are certainly filling and you only really need one and maybe a side and you are good to go! I think the next time we visit, I want to try the Winky Dink Dog with pimento cheese, mustard, onion and an order of either the chili-cheese tots, poutine or the pork skin nachos.

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  1. Danielle says:

    the Birmingham Dog is AMAZING! thanks for telling more folks about this perfect hot dog spot, love the blog

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